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How It Began

Boca Raton- Since 2006

Written by Mark Stansell – Digi-Camp founder.

In 2006 I took a group of students to a video editing workshop in Orlando, Florida. We had searched for a camp nearby that offered something fun and relevant for our digital kids and Orlando was the closest place we could find that wasn’t operated by a bunch of high school students. The workshop lasted 5 days, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day, with a one hour lunch break. The total instructional time was only 20 hours. Each student paid over $2000 for the week once we factored in hotel rooms and food away from home. It was at that workshop that the idea of Digi-Camp began to form.

More than anything else, I wanted to create a camp experience for kids like me who simply want to be creative and have fun using 21st century tools and skills. It was also important to me to make our camp affordable for working families. Our brand has undergone some changes since 2006, but our underlying principles remain intact:

1. Offer experiences and opportunities that make kids want more! The stuff must be so fun and exciting that they do not want to go home at the end of the day.

2. Staff our camps with adult instructors who are certified Florida educators and who truly love the stuff we offer! Our staff MUST be enthusiastic and engaging.

3. Make it all affordable! Don’t nickel and dime families!

Since the winter of 2006 Digi-Camp has been offering Winter, Spring and Summer Camps for extraordinary kids using 21st century tools and skills. We staff our camps with highly qualified Florida certified teachers who love working with children. Our instructional staff is at the heart of why we are successful.

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