2017-2018 School Holiday Camp Schedule

When School is Closed , Digi-Camp is Open!

We are parents too, so we understand! What to do with the kids when school is closed. Digi-Camp has you covered with fun, relevant camp experiences for your children.

September 21 - Things That Move Camp

Campers will build and experiment with motion - including things that fly and roll.  Campers will bring their creations home at the end of the day.

October 16th - Minecraft Crafts and Minecraft Challenges

Campers will create cool Minecraft Crafts - that they will take home at the end of the day - and will spend the last hour or so of the afternoon completing cooperative challenges on our in-house Minecraft servers.

November 3 - Recycled Racers

Campers will build racers to compete on our awesome race track. Prizes for the fastest, most creative and most tricked-out racers will be awarded.

November 20-22 - Digital Storytelling with Scratch and Stop Motion Animation

Kids are natural storytellers! Think of how many times your children have told you glorious tales, and then imagine we give them the time, resources and materials to create amazing stories using animation and stop motion techniques. Campers will learn basic storytelling processes using Scratch and Stop Motion Animation and will be able to save their work to their Google Drive account (assuming they have one) or a flash drive that they bring in. 

December 22 - Electronic Art Projects

Campers will learn basic electronic concepts as well as integrate those skills into cool art projects - like holiday cards, ornaments, etc. As usual, campers will take home what they create.

December 26-29 - Maker Camp

Every kid is a builder, a tinkerer at heart. This week we honor them! Campers will create fun projects and use some pretty amazing 21st century tools and skills in the process. Makers will explore a variety of programming, engineering and fabrication processes & programs to create a variety of projects. Projects may include screenprinting, 3D printing, electronics, papercraft and more. Makers will be placed into groups to work on age-appropriate projects.

January 2-5 - Video Game Programming & Minecraft Challenges - Ages 7-12

Campers will learn to develop and program their own video games using MIT Media Lab’s Scratch programming language. The afternoons will be spent completing cooperative challenges on our in-house Minecraft server.

January 2-5 - Lego Robotics & Minecraft Challenges - Ages 10-14

Campers will work with our Lego Robotics EV3 kits to build and program their robots to complete our daily challenges. The afternoons will be spent completing cooperative challenges on our in-house Minecraft Server.

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