5455 N. Federal Highway, Suite F Boca Raton, FL 33487


Boca Raton- Since 2006

We are a locally owned small business, not some mega-corporation that sweeps in during the summer months and then disappears into their caves for the winter. You can find us on Federal Highway in Boca Raton 365 days a year (almost...we do take some holidays! Heck, we're human too!)  And you can reach Mark, the owner, by text 24/7 at 561-236-0938. Best of luck finding anyone at these fly-by-night companies!

We are located at 5455 N. Federal Highway, Suite F, Boca Raton, FL 33487. We are three doors down (pun intended) from the Melting Pot Restaurant.  (We are actually five doors down, but it doesn't sound as cool!)

You can call or text Mark for details on when and how you can come visit us to see the space and meet the staff. 561-236-0938

Camp hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We do offer extended care hours from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at an additional cost.

Our camp prices vary from $350 per week to $750. The price depends on the camp content. Many of our camps include take home hardware and software that is included in the price. On our registration page the prices will be clearly stated. We do NOT include any surprise fees.  That includes that fact that we have NO registration fee.

As you may know, our prices increase as camp dates get closer. We will NEVER offer a better price or bigger discount later on. That’s unfair.

Register now, get the best price possible and DigiCamp offers free, unlimited session switches through the end of April 2020 (session space permitting).

If your summer plans change, we understand. At anytime between now and the end of April 2020, email us with your requested session switches and we can make the change for you with no administrative charge. Session switches must be executed for the same summer only. We do not offer session switches that roll into a different summer.

Keep in mind that session prices may differ, depending on materials and session sizes. This may cause a refund or an additional charge depending on the two sessions affected. Example: If you register for a session that costs $375 originally, and you switch into a session that includes a take home robot, and that session is $425 then there would be an additional $50 fee due. Conversely,  we would offer a refund or a credit if you switched from a more expensive session into a less expensive one.

Remember, we will not charge a change fee in these cases, so you can rest assured that you will get the best prices now and can change sessions should the need arise. Also, we NEVER charge a “registration fee.” Those fees are grade A, top choice baloney and we don’t like baloney.

Great question.  Think of the answer in terms of buying tickets to a Miami Dolphins football game. You purchase great seats to see the Dolphins play the Patriots on November 1st.  But suddenly something comes up - a business trip, a friends' wedding, an illness.  You call the Dolphins ticket office and ask for a refund, or you ask if you can swap the tickets for a different day, or even for next season's game against the Patriots.  They tell you sorry and you either sell the tickets on StubHub or you lose the money that you paid - OR you go to the game anyway because that is what you paid to do. While camp is somewhat different it is similar in that you are paying for a service that takes place on a particular date and time. When you don't make it, the Dolphins cannot sell your seat to someone else, and in most cases we can't sell the seat to other campers when you don't show up, cancel or change dates. Like just about every other camp operating for any length of time, Digi-Camp does not offer refunds or exchanges for any reason whatsoever.

We are working parents and understand the financial challenges faced by our friends and neighbors. That said, Digi-Camp is offered at amazingly reduced prices compared to our competitors.

Here is a camp we offer. We call it Intro to Coding and it's the same content (except ours is written and taught by actual educators, theirs are taught by high school Counselors in Training).  Our Intro course is priced at $300 to $400, depending on several variables such as location and camp size.

We also offer the Build and Code your own computer camp: Our price? $650 to $725.

If this company was hiring very highly qualified teachers (like the DigiCamp instructors) I would say, "Pay for it!" But in reality the only thing you are paying for is the fact that they are leasing rooms at college campuses. This practice gives the illusion of prestige and importance, when in reality it's all smoke and mirrors.

One more thing, we are a locally owned small business, not some mega-corporation that sweeps in during the summer months and then disappears into their caves for the winter. You can find us on Federal Highway in Boca Raton 365 days a year (almost...we do take some holidays! Heck, we're human too!)  And you can reach Mark, the owner, by text 24/7 at 561-236-0938. Best of luck finding anyone at these fly-by-night companies!

Unlike our competitors Digi-Campers are knee deep in the equipment from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. every single day. We don’t take “arcade” or “fishing” breaks. According to their own sample schedules, at Pine Tree’s multimedia Camp, the kids actually work with “multimedia” for only around 3 hours of their 7 hour day. The rest of the day they are playing kickball and fishing. Really? In multimedia camp? Fishing and kickball? Still not convinced?

Due to the nature of our camp - we cannot offer a day rate. Our camps fill up quickly and reserving a spot for someone for only a day or two doesn’t make sense for us or for your children. If you wish to register and pay for an entire week with the intention of only attending a few days, we do allow that, but we cannot offer a discount.

First, remember we are doing our best to hold enrollment to a number which makes sense. What we will NEVER do is fill sessions to the brim without equipment or instructors to accommodate. We reserve the right to cut off registration based on space, equipment and instructor availability. Digi-Camp will make every effort possible to offer ALL interested campers a seat in our camps, however if the camp(s) fill up we will create a waiting list. Enrolling early is the only way to guarantee a seat in our camps.

We have already begun taking enrollment for the Spring and Summer camps. We expect that camps will fill up quickly, so you should get your enrollment forms completed as soon as possible. We suggest you sign up and pay right away to ensure space for your camper. Use our online registration process. Use this link to create an account and register. 

At 3:30 p.m. we shut our computers down and expect most campers to be picked up.  For those enrolled in extended care, our camp counselors will set up and play board games (we have a nice variety of board games and cards), many campers bring their own devices and play games on them, while others bring a book to read, or watch Disney Channel shows on our big screen. Please keep in mind the cost of extended care is less than $5 per hour - a very reasonable price indeed!

Email or call Mark Stansell

First, once we begin taking registrations we never drop prices midstream. That, we strongly believe, would be unfair to those who have already paid.  Isn't annoying when you purchase something and then a few days later you see it on sale? We don't do that.

We DO offer discounts and lower prices when we first open registration - which is typically in November for Summer Camp. The further away camp is, the bigger the discount. And that just makes sense! People who have planned ahead of time, and are willing to make the financial commitment deserve to pay less. It's one of the things that we strongly believe.

As camp gets closer on the calendar our prices increase and discounts begin to disappear. The takeaway: Pay early and save the dough!

Note: One of our competitors - iDTech - offers $75 off this week, then three weeks from now they are offering $100 off.  We know this because we are on their mailing list. It strikes us as very unfair.