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Boca Raton- Since 2006


We teach a wide range of STEM skills and tools


We teach a wide range of computer programming courses beginning at very entry level drag and drop coding to much more advanced Python, HTML, CSS and Javascript languages.

Digital Media Production

We offer everything from Photography and Photoshop to Digital Video Production and Stop Motion Animation.


Our Robotics curriculum prepares students in the field of mechanical engineering and computer programming. We are also proud that we develop teamwork skills, in ways that today's schools simply aren't doing. Many of our campers go on to compete at the highest levels at Lego First League and VEXIQ tournaments.

Maker and Fabrication

Children are intuitively tinkerers. They enjoy taking things apart and figuring out how they work. That's why our Makers and Fabrication curriculum is well received. We allow childrens' natural curiosity to take over and drive the direction of our sessions in Maker and Fabrication camp. 

Leadership in STEM

We give children the tools, knowledge and confidence to become tomorrow's leaders in STEM careers and academic endeavors. 

STEM = Future of Everything

STEM skills mean everything in the 21st century world. If your children have STEM skills and knowledge, then your children steer their own future. Without coding, digital media, robotics and engineering skills children today find themselves chasing their peers tomorrow.


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DigiCamp is South Florida’s Premier STEM Education Center. Since 2006 we have been delivering cutting edge technology education for your children. Each year we add new and exciting content. As technology and the world evolves so must our children. That’s exactly why we began DigiCamp.

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