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May Classes – Only 8 Students Per Week

Boca Raton- Since 2006

Please note these classes are limited to only 8 students. 

Classes are in-person and held at our Boca Raton Location @ 5455 N. Federal Highway, Suite F, Boca Raton, 33487

May 4-8 - MakerCamp

In our MakerCamp we will challenge our makers to create fun and functional things using 3D CAD software, everyday and recycled materials, and pure imagination. Makers will bring home their creations at the conclusion of the session.

May 11-15 - Storytelling and Gaming with Scratch & Minecraft Challenges

We will use Scratch to challenge students to create stories, art and music projects, and video games. Scratch accounts allow students to continue to create and learn even after the class is over. The afternoons will be spent solving a number of creative challenges on our in-house Minecraft Servers.

May 18-22 - Quizzes, Puzzles and Games with Scratch & Minecraft Challenges

This week we will delve into computer quiz making, puzzles, and game design with computer coding. Students will also use coding to design a 3D print or laser cut project - which they will take home at the conclusion of the week. The afternoons will be spent solving a number of creative challenges on our in-house Minecraft Servers.

May 26-29 - Stop Motion Animation (No class on Monday, Memorial Day - price is prorated)

This week is all about creativity and imagination. Students will use stop motion animation software to create their own stories and fun animations. We will upload their work to YouTube once the week is complete.

Specific Precautions Taken by DigiCamp and YML in Light of Coronavirus (CoVid19)

DigiCamp, LLC and YML, LLC are implementing the following precautions for all of our events.

First, we have no reason to believe that we have come in contact with anyone impacted by the Coronavirus. If that should change, you will hear from us immediately via email, telephone and/or text messaging.

We are limiting the number of students to only 8. Keep in mind, we have nearly 2800 square feet of space, of which we will utilize approximately 1800.

Much of our curriculum is computer based. In those cases students will be assigned their own computer and mouse for the week. We will clean each device several times a day to mitigate the possibility of cross contamination.

We are committed to having our space cleaned and disinfected each day, at reasonable intervals using the most stringent methods called upon by the CDC. We will continue to adhere to these guidelines before, during and after each event we host.

We are following the CDC's precautionary approaches to limiting the potential spread of the disease. These include vigorously washing hands several times a day, wiping down common countertops and tables, as well as doors and doorknobs.

We require that if your children are ill, please leave them at home. (Note: We know that staying at home does not indicate the subject is infected with Covid19, however it is requested that we all honor it, simply as a precaution.)

Frequently Asked Questions