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Our Customers Say Thank You!

Boca Raton- Since 2006

I wanted to thank you and your staff for making my son’s summer the best ever. You have exceeded expectations in every possible way.

-Isaiah’s Mom, 2016 Digi-Camp Mom

I registered my daughter for the first week, to see if she liked it. After the first week she begged me to sign her up for the rest of the summer. Thanks Digi-Camp! Your staff is the best!

-Cameron’s Mom, 2015 Digi-Camp Mom

My child created, wrote, produced, acted, edited, lived-his-dream at Digi-Camp in less than 3 days! He is loving video production week! Thank you Mr. Stansell and staff. The new facility is fantastic!

-Steven’s Mom, 2014 Digi-Camp Mom

We don’t know how you offer so much for such a great price, but thank you! Your low instructor to camper ratio of 1 to 8* is incredible. And your instructors really know their stuff! Savannah, Kris, Sue and Mark are really the best!! See you next summer!

-Taylor’s Mom, 2012 Digi-Camp Mom

We loved how your camp is structured to give our kids a lot of opportunities to work with the equipment. Most camps have unstructured time – like fishing or pie-eating contests, but Digi-Camp helped our kids all day on their projects. They got a lot of experience with your camp. Thank you for making Digi-Camp fun, exciting, and so hands-on.

-Sarah’s Mom, 2012 Digi-Camp Mom

The instructors at Digi-Camp really like working with kids. We especially appreciated Drew and Jamie. My daughter talked about them every day. Great job!

-Gabby’s Mom, 2012 Digi-Camp Mom

We drove from Cooper City to Boca Raton to attend your camp. It was well worth the drive! What you taught our son, and the price of your camp cannot be found anywhere in the area. See you next year.

-Jackie, 2011 Digi-Camp Mother

I attended Film Camp at Harvard University and Digi-Camp, both in 2011. I learned more in Digi-Camp, we were actually working with cameras and computer editing more at Digi-Camp than at Harvard, plus I had more fun!

-Finn, 2011 & 2012 Digi-Camper

At Digi-Camp we spent less than one-tenth of what it cost to send our son to Harvard Film Camp. Digi-Camp offered more computer time, more hands-on experience with film-making and our son came home every day excited about the new things he was learning. We recommend Digi-Camp whole heartedly.

-Finn’s Mom, 2011 Digi-Camp Mother (She brought Finn back for 2012!)

Our daughter had a great summer with you! Thank you for making everything fun and exciting. The drive from Wellington to Boca was well worth it! The prices are incredibly low. You could charge so much more. Thank you!

– Layne’s Mom, 2011 & 2012 Digi-Camp Mother

Digi-Camp was where I learned about leading lines, the rule of thirds and how to change the settings on my Nikon to do the things I want to do with it. We had so much fun, and I learned a lot! Thanks Digi-Camp!

– Landon, 2009-2010 Digi-Camper

We made some pretty ridiculous videos – like the Benny Hill spoof. But my favorite was the “Eat It” video. That video took us like three days to shoot and two days to edit. Final Cut Pro is really the best! I didn’t know how to use it until Digi-Camp.

-Justin, 2010 Digi-Camper

* Our instructor-to-camper ratio is held at 1 to 10. It will never go above that number. Most times our ratio is much lower, even 1 to 5 at times. We know our campers get so much more out of our content when they can receive the help they need WHEN they need it.