Digi-Camp is not your typical camp experience. We aren't day-camp, or daycare. We won't bore your kids with lectures, worksheets, or coloring pages. Your children deserve better!

We will teach your children

    computer programming, computer assisted design, screenprinting, electronic and microprocessor design, sewing, stop motion animation, photography, video and film production, robotics, drone control/programming, rocketry, and so much more!

    We are a local, family owned and operated company. Digi-Camp founder Mark Stansell attributes their success to a combined 50+ years of public school teaching - by Mark and co-owner Kris Swanson - in kindergarten through eighth grade.

    What we learned and developed in the classroom has been instrumental to our curriculum writing efforts in camp. We are committed to pushing the envelop in developing new and exciting experiences for kids. That's why we have added Drone Camp, Rocketry, Minecraft Modding, Maker and Fabrication camp these past few years. We have also been incredibly fortunate to have hired an amazing support staff complete with computer science majors from FAU, Florida State, and SCAD - among others! Our staff is top notch - they love kids and they love Digi-Camp. Your kids are going to love Digi-Camp too!

    With two locations - one in East Boca Raton and the other in the Southern Wellington area - we hope Digi-Camp is near your home or your job. Want to see us located closer to your home? Email us!